Hi, hello! How are you?!

I am Jacie Sullivan-Weaver, the owner and founder of Full Potential Goat Tying!

Believe it or not, I did not like tying goats when I was younger. I would actually draw myself out after my mother had just entered me, or I would purposefully not practice so that I could not enter. Kids, please don't do this to your parents!

My mother had me start tying with Kallen when I was around 8-years-old. Y'all, I would not say but maybe two words the whole time we were tying! Kallen has always said that I worked really hard, but she never knew what I was thinking because I wouldn't talk! That all changed when we started playing in the dirt together! Kallen and I are still great friends to this day.

I grew a love for goat tying because how success I wanted to be was based on the work that I put in. Goat tying was also that one thing that kept me grounded growing up. It was the one thing that always made sense to me in life.

Once I "retired," I did not feel satisfied with myself in anything I did because my life revolved around goat tying. While in graduate school, I decided I wanted to try to learn how to make my own goat strings. Just to say that I could. I did a lot of research and made so many goat strings (and just strings of some sort) and I finally made what I thought was the perfect strings.

*The story of making these strings is such a good one! I hope to share it with y'all one day!*

I took a set of strings to Kallen's house to see what she had to say, and she felt what I felt in them as well. From there, I started selling to the public.

With goat strings going well, I needed something else to try my hand at, so I am now working on my own line of lace-up boots! This is definitely a hard task, but I cannot wait to share them with goat tyers all over the world, too!

My hope with the FP Goat Strings is to put something in goat tyers' hands that they can be confident in every single run. I want to share my love with goat tyers everywhere!